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Eris and Harmony
Well, here is Eris with the genderbend of Accord the reverse discord what was see in the IDW comics in the issues 48-50, but the Discord with a elegant suit wasn´t so much change to be the Spirit of the Orden, maybe make the body more symmetrical in the species choiced, with the eagle hands and the horse legs, with boring colors what are the gray scale and of course, the dress, and yes, is called Harmony because like Accord is the antonym of Discord, Harmony is the opposite godness of the greek mythology of Eris, godness of chaos. 

And a idea what have of the Reverse Eris is what her powers work diferent like her opposite, instead of mind control is eliminate any emotions to make a Utopia, instead of manipulate the materia is return an object to normal stage if the object was manipulated by magic, if wasn´t, she can´t manipulate that object
Dragon Knight
Well, for rest of the chimeras, i wanted to do something diferent, draw characters what are underated, example with that character what only appear in Kingdom Come, created by Alex Ross (oh Eris, that is orgasmic art) like a background character, the spirit of the knight Peter in the body of a dragon what he killed (or a robotic dragon, weird) 
Geeky and Damkina
well, that is my first draw of the OC what arcanineryu make for me, thanks, was really hard the torso of the llamasu (Babylonian mythical creature similar to a flying cow with some little thing of lion what can absorb magic with the horns) 

is a ex-adventuress who traveled all over his world in search of satisfying his knowledge, in addition to having collected treasures to pay for her travels, but over the years and having discovered the multiverse and not being as agile as before, she became a lawyer of cases that involve beings from other universes

And i added Geeky because is funny a relationship with a ex-adventuress and a actual adventuress

PD: the logo is from the t-shirt about Discord + Game of Thrones
Historias de superheroes, policiales, ciencia ficción... todos empalmados dentro de una misma realidad... Buscamos también nuevos proyectos para que vean la luz, estilos nuevos, clásicos... NUEVOS COMICS... 

No es un trabajo pagado... solo recibiremos la gloria y la satisfacción de ver nuestros sueños plasmados en papel...

                                                                   ¡Los esperamos!


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Writer, Letter and Colorist in a Web-Comics project called "Discordiant Lines"


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not sure if you're still active here and i'm new to you!

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have a llama and some points!
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